1.0.9 2018-06-13

Misfeatures fixed

The Ultimatic Priority chooser in Host Mode Settings was changing Paddle Mode instead of priority type. Thanks K4ZRJ.

1.0.8 2017-05-30

New features

Added Sparkle updating.

Revised version number display.

1.0.7 2017.01.24

MacWinKeyer now uses the WinKeyer Merge command to correct some punctuation, add addition punctuation, and add a few prosigns:

WinKeyer has two builtin key-to-morse mappings that are not defined by the ITU recommendations:

1.0.6 2017.01.03

The loss of keyboard focus noted in the 1.0.5 release also occurred in the message definition fields for Standalone settings. The fix required disabling as-you-type updating of the messages. You must cause an update by moving keyboard focus to another field before using the Write EEPROM command. Thanks W2RU.

A link to Steve's web page for his documentation has been added to the Help menu.

MacWinKeyer now presents an alert if attempting to communicate with a WinKeyer times out after opening a serial port. Typically you will see this alert if some other application is using the port, or if your WinKeyer is not cabled to the selected port.

The user interface has been reorganized by moving message definitions into the appropriate Settings panes. The changed increased the window height somewhat, sorry. There are three Standalone Settings panes, one for a version 2 keyer and two (one per user) for a version 3 keyer. When connected to a keyer, the settings pane(s) for the other keyer version is disabled.

1.0.5 2017.01.02

Recompiled, which somehow fixes issues with loss of keyboard focus in the Host Mode Messages text entry fields on macOS 10.12. Thanks MØTDZ.

1.0.1 2015.03.28

One internal change to address intermittent delays in paddle sending with host mode active. Thanks LA2RL.

1.0.0 2015.03.20

First release.