cocoaVNA is an OS X application for the Ten-Tec TAPR RF Vector Network Analyzer. It requires OS X 10.7 (Lion) on an Intel Macintosh. The algorithms are from the open-source software developed for Windows by Tom McDermott, N5EG, and the Smith chart display relies on classes created by Kok Chen, W7AY. cocoaVNA is self-contained; no special drivers are needed. Simply download and place in your Applications folder.

cocoaVNA will operate without an analyzer, to support viewing and editing results of existing cocoaVNA documents. These documents are self-contained, so you can exchange them with other cocoaVNA users. cocoaVNA gracefully detects VNA instrument additions and removals while running, and even while acquiring measurements. cocoaVNA does not, however, handle more than one analyzer at a time.

Feel free to contact me about questions, problems, or feature requests.

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