SkookumMorse is a CW keyboard application that leverages the K1EL WinKeyer USB to send morse code. I used it some time ago as a testbed for contesting-specific CW features in SkookumLogger. You may find it useful for general operating with computer-generated CW, or for setting WinKeyer standalone mode parameters.

SkookumMorse requires a version 2 WinKeyer USB and OS X 10.11.

If you don’t understand the difference between host mode and standalone mode, consult the K1EL documentation. Look for the WKUSB Quick Start Guide on the Support/Manuals page. SkookumMorse has most of the features of the Windows WKMGR application that K1EL supplies on mini-CD (do not insert that CD in your Macintosh!).

The button labeled HSCW (WinKeyer preferences tab) doesn't do anything.

HB9CEY reported that this application crashed after a while.

0.6.1 Fixed a bug setting keying compensation in host mode.

0.6.2 Stop rejecting version 23 WinKeyers. Thanks K5TR.

0.7.0 Update to modern compiler and memory management, add code signing, correct many egregious misstatements in the Help documentation. Thanks W2RU.

0.8.0 Replace AMSerialPort with ORSSerialPort. Change Send buttons in Standalone Messages box of WinKeyer preferences to send immediately without saving; you must choose Save As Standalone Settings yourself if you change message content. Thanks W2RU.

0.9.0 Update MBPreferences and modify to capture escape key in order to abort sending while the preferences window has keyboard focus. Thanks W2RU.

0.9.5 2018-12-10 Update build addressing warnings. Clean up a few cosmetic issues. Rework the Help Book. Test functionally with WinKeyer 3, excluding standalone settings.

0.9.6 2018-12-28 Fix code-signing mistake that causes 0.9.5 to crash at startup. Thanks N8AI.