Using CWT Adjudication

The CWT activities are grouped with the Nontest events supported by SkookumLogger because there is no adjudication. That is, nobody checks the logs.

Beginning with version 2.6.4, SkookumLogger can check your log for you. Why would you want to do that? To improve your code copying and logging skills by studying what kinds of errors you made. Practice mode does this too, but can’t realistically simulate many common on-the-air situations like rapid QSB or poor sending. To encourage you to focus on developing your skills, SkookumLogger also disables SCP and exchange pre-fill for CWT logs.

Choose File ► Adjudicate CWT Log to check your log after the event. SkookumLogger compares your logged QSOs against a customized copy of the CWOps roster and report errors in the Notes field of your log. The comparison reports three kinds of errors:

You create the customized roster as follows:

The support folder is located at ~/Library/Containers/com.k1gq.SkookumLogger/Data/Library/Application Support/SkookumLogger/. You may want add this folder to your Finder Favorites for easy access.