2.4.x Release Notes

2.4.4 2019-05-14

New features

A special version of the Sent Exchange Editor is provided for NEQP Inside entrants. The editor improves ease of changing the sent exchange county-state information. Thanks WA1Z.


Guard against a crash caused by unsafe duplicate testing in the New QSO Party contests.

Guard against missing radio mode in Activity table entries.

Activity tables redraw when the radio mode changes.

Radio pseudo-activities appear in two tables in 2T2R.

Always show subreceiver psuedo-activity when radio has a subreceiver, independent of operating mode.

Panadapter subreceiver bar is shown only when K3 subreceiver is on.

Helvetia contest is now located in the World Wide group because it is now an everybody-works-everybody event.

Misfeatures fixed

Radio pseudo-activities were mysteriously disappearing from Activity tables. Thanks GØDVJ.

The Run/Radio 1 Call entry field was wrapping text instead of scrolling like the other call entry field. Thanks JH5GHM.

Testing for duplicates when working rovers in the New QSO Party Inside contest was failing to consider the rover’s county. Thanks WA1Z.

Connecting to a KAP500 amplifier was failing immediately with a timeout message. Thanks W6FB.

Detection of KPA500 on/off state was failing when the amplifier was turned off by tapping the ON button on the amplifier panel.

2.4.3 2019-04-20

New features

Messages preferences has a new tab, SSB, for defining which radio DVR message to play for certain Messages menu items. See the Voice Messages topic in the Messages section of Help.

For contests with serial numbers in the sent exchange, the serial number for the previous QSO is now prominently displayed as an aid in SSB contesting. See the About Serial Numbers topic in the Messages section of Help for additional information.


SkookumLogger is now a notarized app.

Misfeatures fixed

The FT-950 radio code was not reporting end-of-play for DVR messages. Thanks MIØHOZ.

The new FTdx-3000 NO DVR radio module works around an issue with the BKIN state for users that do not have or do not use the DVR option. Thanks GØDVJ, M3NGC, G4EUW.

Clearing a QSO while keyboard focus was in a not-empty QSO entry field other than Call failed to clear that entry field.

JIDX contest was using ITU zones instead of CQ zones, and was failing to test that valid QSOs are between Inside Japan and Outside Japan entrants.

In contests with mandatory off periods (typically, QSO parties with two separate start-stop times), QSO made after the last start time were being logging but excluded from scoring. Thanks WA1Z, W6SX.

2.4.2 2019-03-22

New features

1T2R new option: Use Radio 2 as second receiver. When Run has transmit focus, the Pounce frequency tracks Radio 2 main receive frequency instead of tracking Radio 1 subreceiver frequency. The default choice is off. And, 1T2R new option: Second receiver listens to Run frequency when pouncing. When Pounce has transmit focus, the subreceiver or second receiver listens to the Run frequency. The default choice is on. Don’t forget to establish a serial connection to Radio 2.

Practice mode now supports RDXC (outside). You send serial, callers in UA UA2 UA9 send oblast, other callers send serial. Some Russians may send serial because they are not found in the oblast database that SkookumLogger constructs from the AD1C countries database.

The content of the QSO Notes field is exported to the ADIF COMMENTS field. Thanks N1XF.

The new radio type, K3r, is identical to K3 except that baud rate is 9600 instead of 38400 for use with certain remote station configurations. Thanks W2RE.


More comprehensive and readable rate statistics tables provided by JH5GHM.

Exchange prefill (for any contest) is now disabled when Practice mode is enabled.

Non-ARCluster nodes (DB0SUE, GM7MBC, EA7URC) have been removed from the default DX Cluster node list.

The Telsa Memorial HF CW QSO points computation has been updated and 40m added to 80m as the two contest bands. Nice of them to inform logger authors (they didn’t).

The app menu once again has an Automatically Check for Updates item. If enabled, the check happens when SkookumLogger starts if the last check was more than a day ago. You might want to disable this check when you aren’t confident that you have a good internet connection.

The QSO Status string for a (known) Rover in QSO parties now appends “Duplicate” when appropriate.

When grabbing a spot, the call field content is deselected so that the call appears with appropriate needed color instead of white (in dark mode).

Misfeatures fixed

In 2T2R with alternating CQ and 2BSIQ audio routing enabled, CQ wasn't starting after End QSO. Fixed by JH5GHM.

The Total rate table in Statistics reports had an incorrect title. Thanks W2RU.

The Morse ► Key Down command wasn’t a proper toggle.

The Generic QSO Party module was missing sent and received report fields.

Fixed a mistake affecting CW sent serial in 2BSIQ. Thanks JH5GHM.

BeginQSO wasn't triggering DVR message 2 (exchange) in Run mode.

In 2T2R with either radio in pounce sub mode, DVR messages were sent on the wrong radio. Thanks JH5GHM.

In 2T2R, the Defend DVR message was sent on the wrong radio. Thanks JH5GHM.

In 2T2R with 2BSIQ audio routing enabled, in some cases it was not possible to about DVR sending. Thanks JH5GHM.

2.4.1 and several 2.4.2 beta versions suffered crashes involving processing activities. I was unable to reproduce those crashes myself, but with crash reports provided by AF8A and G3CO, and with remarkable patience by GØJWQ as he tested several betas with tentative fixes during the RDXC contest at G3CO, I believe this release has resolved the issue.

2.4.1 2019-02-03

This release repairs the problem with checking for updates that was introduced in 2.4.0. If you had already downloaded that version, visit the web site to download this version. Sorry!

2.4.0 2019-02-01

New features

SkookumLogger now conforms to the requirements of the macOS Sandbox technology. The first time you run this version, your existing preferences and support files will be moved to a location protected by the sandbox. You may need to manually open a log file the first time you run the new version. Also, you may need to choose your map (Great Circle and/or Maidenhead Map) again. Of course you can still open and use your existing logs.

NOTE Sandboxing has apparently broken the Check for Updates… feature. With this release, you can see release notes for newer versions, but attempting to update will fail with an unhelpful “try again later” message. You can download from the web site to work-around this issue.

The new File ► Export Phone Band Edges and File ► Import Phone Band Edges commands are used to see the current sub-band lower edge values (export) and to change them (import). The exported file is plain text in the format expected when importing; use any file name you like. Imported definitions are remembered until you do another import. If you previously had a PhoneBandLowerEdgeFrequencies.txt file, SkookumLogger will continue to use those values until you do an export/import cycle.

When composing emails for submitting Cabrillo logs, SkookumLogger is no longer allowed to send the message. Instead, Mail will display the composed message, and SkookumLogger will display this reminder:

You can now grab text from the Text Decode window into the Call field for the entry box that has keyboard focus by double-clicking (double-clicking selects all text to the left and right of the click point, out to the nearest white-space). Thanks WA1Z.

The Help Book has been reorganized and some content has been updated. GØDVJ has prepared a new version of the Guide, now linked in the Help menu and on the SkookumLogger page of the web site. This Hints page on the web site has a new document describing the SkookumLogger Panadapter feature, and another brief document describing how to duplicate a log.


The internal RSGB Clubs database has been updated by parsing the source for the RSGB web page containing the table. There were 71 differences between the new database and the previous version, which was done about a year ago.

Support for uploading directly to LoTW has been removed. Instead, export your log to Cabrillo or ADIF and load that into tqsl or your preferred awards-tracking app.

The table created by File ► Rate Breakdown Report now has columns for QSO rate, point rate, and their ratio. The row background color alternates, and the text color is de-emphasized for cells containing zeros. Thanks JH5GHM.

Misfeatures fixed

Selected text in the Text Decode window stalls scrolling. It still does, but now when you grab text it is also deselected so that scrolling resumes. Thanks WA1Z.

2T2R 2BSIQ behavior with WinKeyer was different from Practice mode. Thanks JH5GHM.